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We discover and monetize trends in the space economy, identify viable partnering opportunities, and look ahead to reduce risks, and maximize opportunities for your business.

Empowering you to build a lasting space business


You do space science, we…

Enable space start-up founders, technologists, scientists and astronauts to build minimum viable products and develop go-to-market strategies, and sell, sell, sell their products.

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Are you ready to attract investments?

Space Economy consultants will help you build an effective fundraising campaign: we’ll guide you through the trials and tribulations of capital raising, work with you to streamline your business processes and increase your capital efficiency.

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We would love to consult you. To make the most of it, please send all the questions you have 24 hours before our call.

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No payment required, but here is a catch: we may record the call for our “Your Call is Being Recorded” podcast.

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We will arrange a confidential session on your project and provide you with step-by-step guidance on launching a space business from scratch, increasing sales, achieving a competitive advantage, fundraising, etc. You will receive the full recording after the meeting.

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